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Pricing Your Home To Sell

It is easy for a Property Negotiator to put a price on your home without doing the necessary market estimates, but if the price is too high and the prospective buyer does not find the value compared to the prices of other houses in the area, the house will not sell.

Eventually this will result in a reduced sale price

Your home should never become stale.

  • It is not possible to correctly price a home without first determining it’s value.
  • Your Coastland Properties – Property Negotiator will recommend a marketing price, which is established by doing a Comparative Market Analysis of similar homes sold recently in your area.

            Remember the Buyer in the market place will determine the value! Only he knows what he is prepared to pay.


  1. What you the Seller thinks its worth.
  2. What the Property Negotiator values it at:- The Comparative Market Analysis.
  3. What the buyer is prepared to offer.

Please beware of over valuation – It can damage the sale because:

  • It loses prospective buyers
  • It eliminates offers
  • It reduces the Property Negotiators efforts
  • It reduces the Property Negotiators enthusiasm
  • It limits financing
  • It is used as a bouncer
  • It eventually means a lower price
  • A house listed within 10% of the market value takes 30 – 60 days to sell
  • A House listed within 20% of the market value takes 60 – 90 days to sell
  • A house listed at more than 20% higher than the market value takes more than 100 days to sell


  • What you paid for your home has nothing to do with its present value.
  • What you need to purchase a new home doesn’t determine its value.
  • The price you would like to achieve for your home doesn’t control the asking price
  • The value other Property Negotiators put on your property is not always accurate.
  • What I say your home is worth need not necessarily be correct.
  • What a valuator says your home is worth doesn’t determine the price in the market.
  • The current market determines the value of your property.